BugFan 15in Blade Fan

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Discover a non-harmful, chemical-free way to keep your picnics and outdoor activities free from dive-bombing bugs and incessant insects. The Treva Bug-Repellent Fan is engineered with an innovative reflective holographic pattern on the fan blades which disrupts light and causes flying insects to steer clear.

No Chemicals or Insecticides
This eco-friendly insect repeller uses nothing more than spinning air and refracted light to totally clear the area of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other bothersome bugs. This means no insecticides, chemicals, or toxins of any kind can enter your home or outside environment.

Repels Insects Without Harming Them
The Treva Bug Fan is the most effective chemical-free method of ridding any area of flying pests. It is odorless, quiet-running, and uses less power than ultrasonic bug repellent devices – so you can enjoy hours of carefree outdoor hosting and entertaining.

Innovative Light Disrupting Pattern
The secret lies in an innovative holographic pattern on the fan blades, which bends the ambient light and creates an unnatural environment bothersome to insects.

Soft-Stop Fan Blades
Engineered with long reaching, soft and flexible fan blades that stop on contact and resume when the obstacle is removed. Safe for little hands and curious youngsters.

• Lightweight and portable
• Perfect for picnics, parties, and entertaining guests on the porch, deck, or patio
• Constant speed keeps air clear
• Gentle soft-stop blades
• Operates on 2 AA batteries
• Dimensions: 10.87"H x 3.75"W x 3.75"D
• Assembled Blade Diameter: 15"