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1pt Infusion Blend • Mocha Martini

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MOCHA MARTINI ~ as the legend goes, a cocktail invented to ‘wake you up, and @#$%& you up’ in equal measure. While we always counsel moderation, there is no denying the galvanizing effect of this eye-opening combination of vodka, coffee, and - in this case - subtle, velvety chocolate. Take that, Early-Night-In!

Infusion Time: 5-6 hours
Ingredients: Vanilla Rooibos, Cacao Shells, Marigold Petals
Contains no sugar, gluten, dairy, GMO, or any artificial additives

Quickly infuse your vodka with this 1pt infusion blend (just like making tea, except with vodka instead of water).  Follow the simple recipe (included) to combine your Chocolate-infused vodka, chilled espresso or cold brew, Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur, and simple syrup in a shaker.  Traditionally served up in a martini glass (but also delicious in a favorite tumbler over ice).  Coffee bean garnish.


  • 1pt Chocolate Infusion Blend Packet (infuses 375ml of spirits, makes 6+ drinks)
  • Pack-embedded QR Cocktail Hub provides one-click convenience right to your phone, including this cocktail recipe, handy How-To's, cocktail hour playlists and access to special offers and discounts.